Ford Focus ST/Fiesta ST Driving Experience

ST Octane Academy is an exclusive, performance driving experience available only to owners of the Ford Focus ST or Fiesta ST, this curriculum is designed to highlight the car’s capabilities in a safe and control environment. The Octane Academy delivers rubber-burning, tire smoking, asphalt-kicking action.

The ST Octane Academy is a complimentary one day performance driving experience for Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST owners. This is an exclusive opportunity to feel the exhilaration and legendary performance while exploring the limits with the help of the Ford Performance Racing School Professional Instructors in a controlled environment.


What happens on track is impressive, but it’s the championship-winning instructors from the Ford Performance Racing School that bring race-proven technique to the ST Octane Academy. You’ll learn from the best in the industry. Instructors will coach owners during their time behind the wheel as they experience firsthand the performance capabilities of the ST in a number of on-track and driving exercises in a controlled environment.  Not only will owners gain a new appreciation of the capabilities of the ST, they’ll be proud of their improved driving.


Founded in 2006, Ford Performance Racing School is the only school of its type supported by Ford Motor Company and has become one of America’s top training programs for those wanting to sharpen their driving skills while becoming better and safer drivers. The school employs a fleet of modified Mustang GTs, GT350s, GT500s, F-150 Raptors, Edge STs and Explorer STs… all steered by a team of instructors comprised of championship-winning drivers.






ST Octane Academy takes place in the classroom, and on the road course, at America’s Home for Racing – Charlotte Motor Speedway. 

ST Octane Academy is conducted by the Ford Performance Racing School using the outstanding facilities of the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina.  Its location in the southeast and its proximity to Charlotte Douglas International Airport make it convenient to many, and its address within what many consider to be America’s “Mecca of Motorsports” makes it appealing to even more.

Program participants will enjoy a variety of driving experiences designed to showcase the outstanding performance capabilities of the exciting Focus ST and Fiesta ST. Charlotte Motor Speedway is uniquely qualified to deliver these experiences.  From the first-class classrooms and infield meeting facilities to the road course there is no other complex in the country better suited to showcasing the many talents of the ST…

Online registration is currently closed for the 2020 season. Call 435-27-SPEED for more information. 

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